Tuesday Sept. 3 2019

Lighthouse Cares Foundation is currently seeking motivated individuals that are willing to serve as board members.

We are looking for individuals that have a heart of service and which align
with the core values of our foundation.

Our foundations mission focus is to help the schools, teachers and children within our South Bay community.

Assistance is needed in keeping our mission focus of helping K-12 grade students.

We welcome your input on what we can do to impact and improve our community.

Please consider serving on our board and help us reach more students.

If you would like to be considered for a Board position, we ask that you submit your resume and a cover letter to any of our current board members before September 15th.

This is a one year commitment with a requirement of meeting once a month. Our fiscal year is from August 01 to July 31.

If you are unable to commit as a board member, perhaps you can help with a specific project or chairing an event.

We would love to hear from you, keep Lighthouse Cares Foundation in your prayers and consider our request for service.

We thank you in advance.
God Bless You!

Lighthouse Cares Foundation

Current Board members:
Steve Sanchez, Ruben Porras, Marlene Castro, Mayra Swanson, Vivian Treadwell, Wade Treadwell